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Lexicon MPX1 Multi Effects Processor

lexicon mpx-1
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The MPX 1 is the processor that fulfills the promise implied by the term, "multi-effects." Multiple Processor FX technology combined with an interactive front panel, creates a new set of standards for others to follow...

• No compromise stereo reverb in combination with as many as 4 additional stereo effects
• A "goof-proof" system for quickly fine-tuning any program, without having to enter an in-depth editing mode
• Visual feedback to tell you exactly where you are and what features are available; on-board Help guides you all the way
• 56 Pitch, Chorus, EQ, Modulation, Delay and world-class Reverb effects
• Complete flexibility of routing and effect order in every program
• 200 preset programs designed for a wide variety of audio sources and applications with database sorting to let you find exactly what you want
• Layered features; options are there when you need them, and out of the way when you don't
• Dynamic control of all effects parameters with pushbutton access to the patch system
• Extensive MIDI implementation
• Comprehensive audio connectivity

Uncompromised Effects
The MPX 1 employs two separate DSP processors: our proprietary Lexichip, dedicated to delivering world-class stereo reverb and ambience algorithms, and a separate, fast-math DSP processor to create the other effects. This means that uncompromised Lexicon stereo reverberation and ambience effects are available all the time, whether you're running them alone, or in combination with any stereo pitch, chorus, EQ, delay or modulation effect. Many "multi-effect" processors can't match even this basic requirement. The MPX 1 not only meets this standard expectation, but has processing power left over to run still more effects.

Instant Access
The six effect types in the MPX 1 are accessible at all times via dedicated, back-lit buttons on the front panel. Each effect "block" is totally independent, with its own mix, level and bypass controls. The audio path through each effect is in stereo.
An arsenal of exciting effects for each block (56 in total) is only a button push away, allowing you to easily select a new effect for any program.

Goof-Proof Program Fine-Tuning
The MPX 1 comes loaded with 200 carefully crafted presets that really show off the the MPX 1's versatility. Fine-tuning any preset to match it to your music or sound track is quick and easy with pushbutton access to a "soft row" designed to hold the most useful parameter combinations for each individual program.
When you want to completely restructure a program, or create a new one from scratch, an Edit mode lets you dive as deeply as you want into an extensive pool of effect and program parameters.

On-Board Help
A multi-level Help system built into the MPX 1 provides guidance through any front panel operation. At any time, simply press and hold any button to display a message explaining the function of the button without executing any action. This feature lets you look around and figure out most functions without ever having to open the user's manual.
In addition to press and hold Help, the MPX 1 has an optional Sleep mode help function which you can turn on for automatic display of useful messages when the system is idle.

Interactive Front Panel
The MPX 1 front panel speaks for itself with dedicated indicators and displays to let you know where you are and what features are available at all times:
• Effect Select buttons light to show which effects are active in the current program
• A Tempo LED flashes at the current tempo in any program that utilizes tempo- controlled delay times or modulation rates. A Tap button lets you change tempo on-the-fly
• When the A/B LED lights, the A/B button lets you morph between effect or parameter variations.
• A numeric display makes program and patch numbers highly visible
• An alphanumeric display shows program, parameter and routing values
• Dedicated Mix and Patch buttons give you instant access to mix and level settings of any or all effects, and the MPX 1 patch system. The Patch button lights whenever a patched parameter is displayed; simply press it to access the patch directly
• Bypass lets you toggle master bypass
• The Options button lights whenever additional functions and features are available.

Having many programs on-board is great, but with a library this large, how do you quickly find what you need? In the MPX 1, a built-in DataBase function makes it easy to find the right program for the moment. This database is completely user-definable, so you can reorganize all 250 programs any way you want. The MPX 1 DataBase Sort, Search and Show options include:
• Sort by name
• Sort by number
• Search for source type (acoustic, drums, guitar, keyboard, live PA, sound FX, tempo and vocal)
• Search for effect type (pitch, chorus, EQ, modulation, delay, ambient, chamber, gate, hall, inverse, plate and dual)
• Search for source & effect (any combination of source or effect can be selected)
• Show members of MIDI maps (Three 128-program maps are available)
• Show members of program chains (10-program chains are available)
• Last 10 programs loaded

Options When You Need Them
The MPX 1 gives you as much control as you're ever likely to want, while keeping the details out of your way until you need them. The Options feature is a good example of this. An Options button lights whenever there are additional features associated with the current display. Press Options to access the optional features. For example, when programs are displayed, press Options to access the DataBase Sort, Search and Show functions.

Additional options include:
Time Options: All MPX 1 delay parameters have an option which allows any delay time to be displayed in milliseconds, as echoes per beat, or in feet or meters
• Rate Options: All MPX 1 rate parameters have an option which allows rate to be displayed in Hertz (Hz) or cycles per beat
• Feedback Options: Feedback parameters have an option which allows any combination of effect blocks to be inserted inside delay or echo feedback loops
• Patch Options: These options allow you to automatically "learn" MIDI control sources and create different control curves

Patching System
The ability to dynamically control effect parameters is an essential aspect of creating great sounding, useful programs. Aside from the rate and envelope controls built into certain effects, the MPX 1 patch system provides more than 150 controllers that can be assigned to any effect parameter (up to 5 per program). These controllers include: LFO (2), ADR (2), Envelope Follower (2), Arpeggiator, Random Generator, A/B Glide, Tempo and Sample and Hold Generator.

Comprehensive MIDI Implementation
In addition to the requisite bulk data dump and load functions, the MPX 1 provides an extensive set of MIDI control and processing features. In addition to global MIDI control for both individual and master bypass, mix and level, the MPX 1 gives you MIDI control of A/B and Tap, as well as all effect parameters.
Tempo parameters synchronize to incoming MIDI clock, or the MPX 1 can transmit its own MIDI clock based on front panel Tap tempo.
All MPX 1 internal control sources (audio levels, LFO's, ADR's, S/H, pedal, etc.) can be transmitted as MIDI Continuous Controller messages. A built-in arpeggiator "plays" MIDI sound generators and produces synchronized audio effects.
In addition to separate OUT and THRU connectors, the MPX 1 supports remote power with a 7-pin DIN connector.

Audio Connections
The MPX 1 is ready to plug and play in any situation: in a stage rig for guita

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