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Zoom HD16CD Multitrack Recording Studio and Control Surface

zoom hd16cd
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The Zoom HD16 gives you versatile, intuitive multi-track recording with a clear, intuitive interface. You can send your recorded WAV files to the included DAW software in your computer via its USB connection.

A personal studio with power and simplicity
When inspiration strikes, you need a recorder that's responsive and easy to use so you can capture your ideas as quickly as you get them. And when it comes to arranging, mixing and mastering, you need functions that enhance all of your creative instincts.

The Zoom HD16 gives you versatile, intuitive multi-track recording with a clear, intuitive interface. You can send your recorded WAV files to the included DAW software in your computer via its USB connection. Then, use the unit as a control surface to adjust, fade, pan and mix every aspect of your project. Recording, arranging, mixing and mastering has never been easier or more immediate.

A responsive tool for professional multi-track recording With a large, 80GB hard disk, the HD16 provides about 240 hours of recording time using 16-bit/44.1 kHz sampling in WAV format. Each track has ten virtual tracks, so you can record multiple takes to get each track right. The HD16 allows recording on up to 8 tracks simultaneously to capture a live performance of your band, or even a complete drum kit - all on separate tracks! With the HD16 you can record live or in your home studio with confidence... you have all the tools you need.

Bounce to a dedicated mastering track Once you have captured individual tracks, push the mixdown key to bounce your tracks to a stereo track. In addition to your audio track contents, you can include the rhythm track and effects return signal. This frees up tracks so you can record additional instrumental or vocal parts. Even large ensembles that exceed the default number of tracks can be managed this way. And you don't need an external master recorder for the final mix.

Get creative with versatile editing functions The HD16 offers powerful editing capabilities. In addition to standard copy, move, and erase functions, you can trim the overall length of recorded data, adjust the tempo with time stretch, create precision fade-ins and fade-outs and even reverse the contents of a track. With tools such as pitch correction and a harmonized pitch shifter, your vocal tracks will sound like you recorded them in a full production studio.

Locate function supports pin-point editing Directly access any point on any track using up to 100 freely specified marks. A-B repeat makes repeated playback or recording of a specific sequence quick and easy. Auto punch-in/out ensures that you get the exact result you want.

Build tracks from looped material The phrase loop function lets you put build a full-fledged loop track simply by lining up audio phrases. Create the backing for an entire song with just a few keystrokes, by specifying the playing sequence and repetition count. Use parts of recorded data or WAV/AIFF files as loop material, or get sources from a computer via USB or from the CD-R/RW drive. The comes with 96 ready-to-use preset loops containing drum, bass, and guitar phrases to build your project from the ground up.

Real drum & bass machine with sampler function. With over 500 drum sound sources, the HD16 offers versatile percussion choices from rock drums, funk drums, jazz drums to every kind of acoustic and electronic drum sound you can imagine. But that's not all. 20 preassembled drum kits with 27 sounds each (3 banks x 9 pads) are on-board. The HD16 includes vintage drum machine sounds with numerous auxiliary percussion and special effects sounds.

A sampler with 70 seconds of sampling capacity lets you assign any part of an audio track or an imported WAV/AIFF file to the on-board pads allowing you to build as many as 1,000 distinct drum kits. Eleven bass sound sources including electric bass, acoustic bass, and synthesizer bass are also built in.

475 preset rhythm patterns. The selection of preset rhythm patterns covers a wide range of styles from rock and pop to jazz, funk, club and more. Choose from a wide variety of intros, fills, and ending patterns to quickly create a rhythm track for your project. Set your groove with the nine touch-sensitive pads for real-time rhythm programming. Up to 511 original patterns can be created and stored. Standard MIDI Files (SMF) can be imported and used to play internal rhythm sounds as well as external MIDI sources. A software plug-in for programming and editing patterns is also included.

Utilize studio-quality effects At every step of your project, you have access to 130 types and 370 patches of DSP effects. Effects are configured with seven modules featuring various settings for guitar, bass, and vocals. Two types of send/return effects are ideal for fine-tuning the overall ambience of a song. And all three effect types can be used simultaneously. Optimize the dynamic range with a compressor/limiter and minimize noise with Zoom Noise Reduction (ZNR). Choose from a wide variety of studio-quality effects including chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, and reverb. Or you can synchronize delays or modulation to the song tempo with BPM effects. The HD16 also offers the "8x COMP EQ" effect for use on up to eight inputs simultaneously to individually optimize dynamics and frequency response when recording multiple tracks at once.

Achieve professional-level results with mastering effects Multi-band compressor, normalizer and other mastering effects assist you in the control of dynamics and listening level of your final mix. With 21 mastering presets on-board, we put the experience of seasoned recording engineers at your fingertips. Create a final mix and master that rivals the major labels. These tools are also very useful when importing audio from analog sources such as LPs or cassettes.

Advanced amp modeling with Zoom G Series on-board With 18 different guitar amp models such as Fender, Marshall, Vox and Mesa Boogie, and 6 bass amp models such as Ampeg, Bassman and Hartke you can connect your guitar or bass to get a distinct power amp and speaker cabinet character. And a built-in tuner keeps your instrument ready for your recording session.

Professional control layout and panel design The HD16's faders, control knobs, and level meters are arranged in a clean, professional layout modeled after expensive mixing consoles found in the best studios. Each track has a rotary encoder that quickly adjusts parameters such as 3-band LOW/MID/HIGH EQ, two effect send actions, panning and more. A solo function lets you specify each track for individual monitoring. Its controls, with a unique, studio console design make recording your project immediate and intuitive. We include scene memory to store up to 100 settings for quick recall.

Combination XLR-1/4" line inputs On-board combination XLR-1/4" line inputs connect to an internal preamp with phantom power to provide unsurpassed flexibility for your recording set-up. The HD16's eight of these connectors. Because the HD16 features individual phantom power on/off switches, you can configure a multi-mic environment with a combination of up to eight dynamic and condenser mics. A high-impedance switch allows direct connection of sources such as guitar, bass and keyboards. Master outputs are also available as analog RCA jacks or an S/PDIF optical output. Two headphones jacks are also provided, so a performer and an engineer can separately monitor the recording and playback. Like professional consoles, the HD16 even lets you create a monitor mix that is separate from the master output.

Quick connection to a computer via USB cable A 2.0 USB port supports high-speed data transfer at rates of up to 480 Mbps. Simply drag and drop audio files in WAV format recorded on the HD16 to the computer. Fine-tune song arrangements with DAW software, or convert files to MP3 f

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