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Zoom MRS-802CD MultiTrack Recording Studio

zoom mrs-802cd
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If you have been thinking about bringing a powerful and easy-to-use system for recording music into your life, the MRS-802CD is exactly what you have been looking for.

Compact and portable, the eight track MRS-802CD brings professional-grade recording tools to your living room, bedroom, garage or where ever inspiration might strike.

The MRS-802CD is a multi-track recorder with everything you need to make incredible sounding recordings at home. Eight recording tracks, 24-bit signal processing, digital mixer, drum machine with 43 drum kits, 94 types of effects, built-in CD-R/RW drive--the list goes on. Just hook up your instrument and a microphone and your private studio is ready to rock. Forget about the tangle of wires and the hassle of operating a bevy of different devices. From picking out the first chords to burning a finished a song on a CD, the MRS-802CD does it all.

Audio signals input to the MRS-802CD are converted into digital form by a 24-bit A/D converter with 64-times oversampling. All signal processing steps are then carried out in the digital domain, right up to recording an audio CD. The need for cable patching, and its inherent impedance problems are a thing of the past. Signal degradation is virtually absent. Mixing and editing no longer dilute the purity of the music signal. The 802 will preserve the immediacy of any performance and let the music come through in all its glory.

Up to 60 hours of CD-quality recording
The large 20GB hard disk provides a maximum of 60 hours of recording time. The non-compressed recording format (16-bit linear, 44.1 kHz sampling) ensures optimal sound quality and is ideal for burning audio CDs. The MRS-802CD has room for up to 1,000 songs, or 'projects'. Each project is comprised of 8 tracks, with 10 virtual takes per track, resulting in a total of 80 takes. Guitar or vocal solos that are difficult to get right the first time present no problem. Using the Virtual Tracks, you can lay down several takes and then select the best one during mix-down.

The MRS-802CD has the audio editing facilities of the most sophisticated hard disk recording systems. For example, the 'Copy' function lets you cut in a repeated rhythm guitar lick with pinpoint precision. With the 'Move' function you can shift the timing of snares. Use 'Erase' to remove noise that has crept into a vocal track. 'Reverse' lets you play a part in reverse, creating a psychedelic "back-masking" counter-rotation sound. 'Time Stretch/Compression' makes it possible to change the duration of a song without altering pitch. For the final stereo mix, you can apply 'Fade-in/Fade-out' effects, and 'Trim' lets you remove any superfluous space before and after the audio data.

Punch-in/Punch-out recording:
Making a mistake in a guitar solo doesn't mean you have to record the whole track over again. With the MRS-802CD you can punch-in and out, just like they do in recording studios. Simply specify the in/out points and play the lick again. The MRS-802CD automatically switches in and out of record mode at the desired points. Because the operation is totally hands-free, you can play your instrument as usual. You can also use the optional FS-01 foot switch to punch in and out.

Scrub/Preview function:
Whenever you want to find an exact spot in any track, Scrub/Preview comes in handy. This tool lets you check the sound immediately before and after the point you are looking for. Editing can be performed with millisecond precision.

Capture and Swap:
Say you have recorded a take and like the result, but want to see whether you can do it one better. No problem. Just capture the take first, and then go ahead and experiment to your heart's content. If the result isn't what you were aiming for, Swap will get you back to the original condition with a few key-strokes. There's no need to limit your creative potential.

Complete array of inputs:
Two combination jacks with 48V phantom power supply are provided. This lets you use condenser mics for crystal clear vocals or acoustic instrument recordings. A Hi-Z jack allows direct connection of a passive guitar or bass without the need for a DI Box or similar device.

Internal CD-R/RW Drive:
The MRS-802CD features the Zoom CD-01 CD-R/RW Drive. This reliable, high performance drive has buffer under-run protection for preventing write errors. It is great for backing up data, burning your own CDs, or reading data from audio CDs. This unit is also available without the CD-R/RW drive, as the MRS-802. An 802 is easily upgraded with a CD-01 kit, sold separately.

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