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Zoom PS04 Palmtop Studio 4-Track Recorder

zoom ps04
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A recording wonder in the palm of your hand! The PS-04 is a fully-functional 4-track recorder, mixer, multi-effect device, drum & bass machine. The PS-04 has everything you need to record whenever you want, wherever you want. Take it everywhere you go. When inspiration strikes, the PS-04 is always ready.

The PS-04 is more than just a 4-track recorder.
Record 2 tracks simultaneously, and using the virtual tracks record up to 40 tracks. Choose your best 4 takes for mixing. Recording time with the supplied 32 MB SmartMedia card is 32 minutes. But you can use a 128MB card for up to 134 minutes (Long mode). Plug in guitars, mics, any instruments. Or use the built-in condenser mic to record your tracks.

Digital track editing and lossless bouncing for unsurpassed flexibility
Use the convenient digital functions such as copy & paste, move, or erase to touch up details or rearrange the entire song. The marker function lets you specify up to 100 points for instant navigation in a song. Automatic and manual punch-in/out lets you smoothly re-record parts of a track. Bounce multiple takes onto a target track. This lets you record the sound from all tracks including the rhythm accompaniment on a stereo pair of virtual takes. Use the trimming function to snip off mute parts at the beginning and end of a track and complete final-mix.

87 insert effects including amp modeling
The PS-04 boasts a palette of 87 amazing ZOOM effects. Effects are configured in five modules: Dynamics/Compressor, Distortion, ZNR (ZOOM Noise Reduction), 3-band Equalizer, and Modulation/Ambience. 20 types of amp modeling sounds are also provided. 170 effect patches are categorized by input types into guitar/bass, mic and line. The DUAL effect patch with fully separate channels is ideal for recording guitar and vocals at the same time, because you can use the mic preamp in one channel and a compressor in the other. The innovative ARRM (Auto-Repeat Real-time Modulation) feature synchronized to the built-in rhythm produces truly unique sounds and also functions as automatic pedal-wah or pedal-pitch.

Send / Return ambient effects
In addition to the insert effect, the PS-04 has a Send/Return effect that can be used for the entire song, while controlling send level for each track. Four types of Reverb (Hall, Room, Spring, Plate) as well as Chorus and Delay are available. 30 immediately useful preprogrammed effect patches can be selected, to simulate a concert hall or live venues, to add chorus optimized for vocals or guitar, or to introduce analog delay.

Mastering effects for final mixdown
Multi-band compressor, Normalizer, stereo-enhancing Dimension and other dedicated effects provide you with the tools that are essential for effective mastering work. 14 preset patches encompassing the know-how of seasoned sound engineers let you polish your final mix to a quality level rivaling commercial CDs.

Highly versatile tuner
In addition to the integrated auto-chromatic tuner which detects notes in semitone steps, a versatile guitar/bass tuner that lets you specify the string for precise tuning can also be selected. 7-string guitar, open chord, and other unusual tuning functions are readily available. You can even use the built-in mic to tune acoustic instruments.

7 tracks simultaneous playback, 2-band semi-parametric EQ for each track
The built-in mixer handles a total of seven tracks simultaneously: 4 audio tracks + stereo drum track + mono bass track. Input channels include a Hi-Z input with gain control, stereo line inputs, and the built-in mic. Freely combine any two signals, and optimize each instrument sound by individually adjusting a 2-band parametric equalizer, effect send level and panning for each channel. For stereo sources, track parameters can be linked. All mixer settings are automatically saved when you complete a project, for instant recall at any time.

346 preset patterns, seven drum kits and five bass sounds
The PS-04 features the same high-quality PCM drum sounds made famous by the ZOOM RhythmTrak drum machines series. Seven drum kits and five bass sounds are built-in. The drum kits range from rock/jazz drums with an acoustic feel to vintage rhythm machine type sounds. Bass sound sources are finger, pick, and slap. The 346 preset patterns run the gamut from Rock and Pop, Jazz, Blues to Dance with a groove, world music and more. Choose phrase variations such as intro, fill and ending to create incredibly professional sounding songs.

Create your original patterns
The PS-04 lets you program up to 511 custom rhythm patterns. Using the status keys on the faders as a drum pad, you can record patterns in real time or use step input for complex programming tasks. To create your original bass lines, the bass sound sources can be assigned in a major or minor scale or in other popular patterns such as Root / 3rd / 5th / 6th or Root / 3rd / 5th / Oct. Fader controlled velocity input is also supported, resulting in a rhythm song that is entirely your own creation.

Drum sound mapping Bass scale assignment (E minor)

FAST + STEP input for efficient song programming
Making rhythm song building even easier, the PS-04 features FAST (Formula Assisted Song Translator) programming. It lets you build rhythm patterns by entering simple numeric formulas. The result is then written out as a song in one operation. For example, to create a rhythm song that plays pattern 010 8 times and then repeats pattern 020 16 times, simply enter 10 x 8 + 20 x 16 and you're done. Once the patterns for a song have been lined up, you can further polish and improve your creation by programming bass chord information with STEP input, entering tempo changes, inserting fill-in or swapping certain patterns.

High-sensitivity electric condenser mic built-in
The on-mic gain setting of the microphone is great for recording vocals or acoustic guitar, while the off-mic setting lets you capture a band live, or in a rehearsal. By using the optional mic stand adapter to mount the unit to a mic stand, precise mic placement is possible.

Import/Export WAV/AIFF files
If you have a personal computer with a SmartMedia card reader/writer, you can use the free PS-04 Card Manager Software* to import and export audio data of each track using the WAV or AIFF file formats. This opens up a wealth of possibilities such as editing with DAW software or distributing music on the Internet. By backing up project data on the computer, you can re-use existing SmartMedia cards.

Data exchange capability with PS-02
Audio data that have been saved on a SmartMedia card with the PS-02 can be loaded into the PS-04. This is a great way to utilize your PS-02 audio collections.

Intuitive interface for truly smart operation
Using the controls of the PS-04 feels like editing on a console with sliders. Selecting menus and changing parameter values is a snap thanks to the intuitive cursor key and dial knob arrangement. The backlit LCD panel is extremely easy to read. All aspects of the user interface are designed to enhance ease of operation.

Bring palm sized unit everywhere
The battery-saving circuitry helps the unit operate more than ten hours on a set of four size AA batteries. Its handy size lets you take the PS-04 anywhere you please. Use the optional belt clip to attach the unit to your belt or guitar strap, and presto--you have a wearable recording tool.

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